Xamarin enables us to develop Native Mobile applications across multiple platforms: Android, iOS and Windows Phone. The course enables the participants to write Native looking user interfaces with C# and Xamarin Libraries. Xamarin.iOS and Xamarin.Android are the two libraries that will be taught to develop iOS and Android Apps. Predominantly, the course participants will be using Xamarin Studio or Visual Studio (Microsoft) as the developer IDEs.


Android Beam is a Near Field Communication (NFC) technology in Android 4 that allows applications to share information over NFC.

Firebase Job Dispatcher simplifies running background jobs in a Xamarin.Android app.

Fragments, supports more flexible designs for the many different screen sizes found on phones and tablets.

Android 6.0 supports app-linking, a technique that allows mobile apps to respond to URLs on websites.

Maps and Location covers everything from leveraging the built-in maps application to using the Google Maps Android API v2 directly.

Provides Android Text to Speech and Speech to Text facilities. It also covers installing language packs and interpretation of the text spoken to the device.