Manual Testing

Manual Testing is the traditional and most rigorous form of software testing. This process requires a seasoned professional to manually check and perform tests on the software or application without automation. It is carried out before a software application hits the market so as to ensure that the product/software fulfils its intended purpose without any hassles. We are going to simulate an end to end real time software project going over each and every phase in detail with a special emphasis on QA training processes, phases, roles & responsibilities, deliverables etc

Automation Testing

Automation testing is the process of automating the testing process with the help of tool, executing it and the comparing the actual outcome to Expected outcome. In this course, you will learn right from the first steps of automation testing such as deciding when to use automation and manual testing to the advanced topics such as VB Scripting, Regular expressions. You will also be introduced to HP Quality Center and Load Runner which are two of the most popular tools in automation testing world.