Acuwin Technologies based in Kerala, Kerala. Our exclusive features include Php courses on framwork in live Projects. The trainees work on several of our live projects and get a practical knowledge in PHP / MySQL. Our rich experience of about ten years is shared with the trainees so that they become qualified in PHP / MySQL.

All of the trainees who attended the training course here have been appointed so far with excellent pay and amenities, in several IT companies in India and abroad. Our team of Php developers developed many famous portals and web sites sofar.

PHP is the open source and runs on every operating system like Windows Server, Linux, Unix etc. It also provides nice security. PHP is very simple and easy to learn. In the world popular websites Facebook, Wikipedia, Flickr etc are running on PHP. LAMP is the most popular form of web development ie Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP since these all run on open source platform.


Java was founded by Sun Microsystems in 1995 and instantly created a new sense of the interactive possibilities of the Web. Most of the major Web browsers include a Java virtual machine. Most of all major operating system developers (IBM, Microsoft, and others) have made Java compilers as part of their product offerings.JAVA Expert Course targets Students who want to be a Professional Programmer in the Enterprise Application Development using JAVA. Java is a set of several computer software products and specifications fromOracle Corporation that provides a system for developing application softwareand deploying it in a cross-platform computing environment. Java is used in a wide variety of computing platforms from embedded devices and mobile phones on the low end, to enterprise servers and supercomputers on the high end.Companies like Oracle, Cisco, Google, etc. on the top end to companies like Infosys, Wipro, etc. are using Java. Google Uses java as the application development language for their mobile platform android. With almost 9 billion devices running on it. It is the biggest development platform ever.

Our rich experience of about ten years in java programming is shared with the trainees so that they become qualified in java. All of the trainees who completed the training course here have been appointed so far with excellent pay and amenities, in different IT companies in Kerala, India and abroad.


Asp dot net is a web application framework which developed by Microsoft. Asp dot net helps to build website, web services and complex web applications. Asp dot net became one of the most popular web programming technologies because of its simplicity and powerful integrated development envoirnment. ASP.NET is a simple web application development framework to build dynamic and complex web application with high secure benchmarks. One of the major advantages of ASP.NET is multiple language integration and easy deployment.

We could use all the languages in one project which supports .NET. The latest version of ASP.NET is ASP.NET 4.6.2. For developing new web applications using ASP.NET 4.6.2 we can use Visual Studio 2015. Nestsoft Technology provides on the job ASP.NET Training Courses with Online tutorial and study material with 100% assured placements.Our Company provides a rich programming framework for building web-based applications using

Usually students face trouble while facing interview questions based on advanced programming knowledge and even from SQL Database. Our students easily get through the interviews because of strong fundamentals in our method of study and the experience they get from our project division on real time projects which they do not get from other study center. Our course structure includes Framework, SQL Database,project work and the latest syllabus. All these help the student to face interviews and do the projects and coding independently .


IOT is the next upgrade in the society Microsoft terms it as the second wave of internet IOT is some of the few areas that have a double digit growth rate and the market size is expected to be 20 billion dollars by the year 2020.IOT has already started catching pace. All major MNC’s have jumped into IOT and would soon require multi talented professionals to handle their IOT divisions. Internet of Things or Internet of Everything isn’t a new concept. It has been around since 2005, but it has gained popularity in the past two years only. The word “Things” refers to machines and thus IoT is technically M2M communication.

IoT not only promises a better life style for the public but also finds a lot of application in the industry and manufacturing. In fact a separate term Industrial Internet of Things has been sculptured for this.

According to a survey the size Industrial IoT alone will increase to 3 trillion dollars by 2020. As of now only 1% of all machines present on this globe are connected to internet i.e only computers and phones. Rest 99% are out there waiting to get connected.

Amazon Cloud

Get an introduction to the fundamentals of AWS cloud computing and gain proficiency in identifying terminologies and concepts in the AWS platform. Learn to navigate the AWS Management Console and gain expertise in using services like EC2, S3, RDS, EBS. This AWS Technical Essentials course is designed to train participants on various AWS products, services, and solutions. This course, prepared in line with the latest AWS syllabus will help you become proficient in identifying and efficiently using AWS services. The two live projects included in this course ensure that you are well versed in using the AWS platform. The course also contains a live demo that helps you learn how to use the AWS console to create instances, S3 buckets, and more.

WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation)

WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) is for building aesthetic applications with very advanced Look and feel features. The WPF engine is responsible for creating, displaying and manipulating user-interfaces, documents, images, movies and media in ”Rich UI Windows Applications”. It replaces Winform API which was traditionally used for developing GUI in windows based application. The architecture used for development is very much inspired from ASP.NET WebForms where design (in XAML file) is separated from code (in .cs file). This is the reason the design can be independently created in some tool like Microsoft Expression Blend and coding can be done using Visual Studio IDE. BestDotNetTraining’s WPF Online Training covers all aspects of WPF right from basic controls to layouts to themes to manage 3D drawing and animation which will help one to build Windows 8 and MS Word 2013 kind of Look and feel for the applications.

WCF (Windows Communication Foundation)

Like all other things Programming models have been evolving, from Structured Programming to Object Oriented Programming to Componentization to eventually Service Orientation Architecture (SOA). Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) is the best to implement SOA in an enterprise application development. WCF encompasses all older technologies of Microsoft like Web Services, Remoting, MSMQ and COM+ into a single basket. And because of this advantage it has become very easy to upgrade applications from intranet to internet environment and make discrete technologies interoperate with each other.

Angular JS

We are the best providers of AngularJS Training in Chennai with expert guidance and fully interactive classes. Our training program is very much mixed both practical and interview point of questions.

AngularJS is pure JavaScript® framework used commonly as a front-end MVC(Model View Controller) while the most accurate thing will be close to somewhat MVVM(Model View – View Model). Since we can use AngularJS in any of the above ways developers at google call it humorously MVW(Model View Whatever). AngularJS makes front-end development very easy with its way of separating application logic from the user view and handling dynamic binding.As we have already mentioned above the importance of AngularJS, we are here is to support you and help you build your AngularJS Knowledge with hands on experience from the best of experienced professionals who have worked for some VC funded startups.

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