One of the unique features of our training is that we train the students through Live Projects. The trainees work on these projects so that they will acquire a good practical experience. We share our ten years of rich experience with the trainees so that they become qualified android Professionals.
On the job training on android app development using android studio, eclipse, cross platforms with job placement. We are the best and top android training course institute in Trivandrum. We are proud to announce that all the trainees so far have got placements in several IT companies in India and abroad with excellent career prospects.


* Here are some exceptional benefits of choosing android app development rather than other platforms such as iOS, Windows, Blackberry OS etc.

* Android is Open Source

* Android is an open source mobile operating system that gives app developers a freedom to use the source code and develop robust & streamlined applications. To start developing apps you just need to download Android SDK which is free and there are no licensing costs.

* Adaptable User Interface

* Applications that are built on top of Android are highly adaptive and customizable. There are various customization options available for application developers that enable them to give shape to their creative ideas and deliver streamlined apps to the android users.

* Massive Mobile App Market

* Android mobile app market is not restricted to only Google Playstore, there are other marketplaces as well where you can deploy android applications. Most of these app markets allow developers to deploy their application for free.