Java was founded by Sun Microsystems in 1995 and instantly created a new sense of the interactive possibilities of the Web. Most of the major Web browsers include a Java virtual machine. Most of all major operating system developers (IBM, Microsoft, and others) have made Java compilers as part of their product offerings.JAVA Expert Course targets Students who want to be a Professional Programmer in the Enterprise Application Development using JAVA. Java is a set of several computer software products and specifications fromOracle Corporation that provides a system for developing application softwareand deploying it in a cross-platform computing environment. Java is used in a wide variety of computing platforms from embedded devices and mobile phones on the low end, to enterprise servers and supercomputers on the high end.Companies like Oracle, Cisco, Google, etc. on the top end to companies like Infosys, Wipro, etc. are using Java. Google Uses java as the application development language for their mobile platform android. With almost 9 billion devices running on it. It is the biggest development platform ever.

Our rich experience of about ten years in java programming is shared with the trainees so that they become qualified in java. All of the trainees who completed the training course here have been appointed so far with excellent pay and amenities, in different IT companies in Kerala, India and abroad.

Java is widely used in the industry and is highly popular. Some of the different domains where Java is used widely are as follows:

* Financial services: It is used in server side applications.

* Big Data: Hadoop MapReduce framework is written using Java.

* Banking: To deal with transaction management.

* Stock market: To write algorithms as to which company they should invest in.

* Retail: Billing applications that you see in a store/restaurant are completely written in Java.

* Android: Applications are either written in Java or use Java API.

* Scientific and Research Community: To deal with huge amount of data

* Java is currently leading the pack in the Android mobile application development market and enterprise back-end market. When you consider the integration of modern language features the future for Java shines brightly. In accordance with the reports from Oracle, there are more than nine million Java developers in the world who continue to work with Java for reasons such as reliability, practicality, and compatibility.