Bulk SMS


Acuwin is personalizing bulk SMS, sending local language texts, slicing/scheduling campaigns or attaching images and files, it is all incredibly easy! What's more, we can even track real-time delivery status and click metrics for all our SMS campaigns. We use merge fields to add any custom fields of your contacts in the SMS. Zero software installs required! We select recipients, compose our SMS and keep our campaign ready to be sent for a specific date and time.

We reliably and securely send SMS & receive SMS from our application. Our platinum operator connectivity and intelligent SMS gateway routing assure best-in-class delivery rates and speed. What's more, our powerful SMS APIs go beyond plain send/receive and allow you to fetch delivery receipts, schedule messages, pull results from mobile forms & surveys, and more. The API is also fully integrated with Textlocal Messenger to easily manage your contacts and groups.

* Our service includes metrics and analysis to keep you informed of progress and returns.

* We guarantee positive results on a massive scale backed by our guarantees.

* Target specific messages to specific target groups.

* We can set up bulk SMS facility in your systems or handle it with our staff, leaving you free to focus on your core business and reap a rich harvest of thousands of inquiries.

* Monitoring and Improving workforce productivity